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Electronic high temperature creep endurance tester ect-d electronic series
Function purpose:
It is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of various materials and products, such as tension, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, etc. it can realize the combined command control of stress, strain speed, etc. According to GB, IS0, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other test standards. Automatically calculate the maximum test force, modulus of elasticity, breaking force, yield strength, extension strength, tensile and compressive strength, various extension stress, elongation and other parameters
Functional features:
Exquisite appearance design, suitable for ergonomic work platform, easy to operate; using arc tooth synchronous belt deceleration system: high efficiency, long life, low noise, maintenance free advantages.
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technical parameter
Functional use
Performance characteristics
It is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of all kinds of materials and products under high temperature, such as durable creep. It can realize the combination command control of stress, strain, speed, etc. According to GB, Hb, ISO, ASTM, DIN, jchs and other test standards, the maximum test force, fracture force, endurance time, end change length and other parameters can be automatically calculated.
1. Exquisite appearance design, suitable for ergonomic work platform, easy to operate
2. Circular arc toothed synchronous belt deceleration system: it has the advantages of high efficiency, long service
   life, low noise and maintenance free
3. High precision ball screw loading: stable loading, no noise, long service life, stable, reliable and energy saving
4. Adopt the new generation DSC chip system newly developed by the company: it is the most advanced, the
   highest integration, the highest control speed control chip for testing machine;
5. User interface: simple and reliable human-computer interface and data processing interface, to complete
   different experimental requirements selected by users;
6. Open data structure: both result parameters and process data are allowed to be randomly called by users, which
   is very convenient for detection, scientific research and teaching;
7. User's self editing scheme and report function: special scheme can be edited according to all standards at home
   and abroad, which is convenient for real-time calling; data can be imported into word and excel tables, which is
   convenient for user's post-processing, automatic generation of test report, and printing of test report and curve
   at any time;
8. A variety of protection measures: such as electronic limit protection.
Electronic high temperature creep endurance tester
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功能用途 : 主要用于各种材料及产品的拉伸、压缩、弯曲、剪切、撕裂、剥离等力学性能测试,可实现应力、应变速度等组合命令控制。可根据GB、1ISO、ASTM、DIN、川S等试验标准,自动求取最大试验力、弹性模量、断裂力、屈服强度、延伸强度、抗拉压强度、各种伸长应力、伸长率等参数
性能特点 : 1、精致的外观设计,适合人体工程学的工作平台,操作方便;2、采用圆弧齿形同步带减速系统:具有效率高、寿命长、噪音低、兔维护的优点;


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